Jan 19, 2011

My blog's traffic for 2010

My blog's traffic for 2010

I've noticed that some bloggers published their annual blog stats, which gave me the idea to publish mine. Actually my title should be "My blogs' traffic", as most of you know, I have 3 blogs (with 3 feeds), but they're all from one Blogger account and have the same name. That's my concept and it's really going well for me.

1 My stats for December 2010

I had 21,640 unique visits (and 60,132 page views), which is 698 visits per day.

2 My stats for the whole 2010

I had 212,182 unique visits (and 476,091 page views), which is 581 visits a day.

3 Subscriber stats

My main blog (this one) has 171 subscribers in Google reader, my Quick-post blog has 37 and my photo blog has 5, because it's relatively new. There are of course more feed aggregators, but I haven't checked any other than the one from Google. I've also noticed that there must be at least 20 regular visitors, who bookmarked my blog and about 30 who come irregularly, but also bookmarked one of my blogs or posts.

4 Most popular posts

Believe it or not, my most popular posts are usually the one about women. They bring me the most traffic from Google and that's why I like to write them. They increase my blog's searchability and many people are browsing my other stuff, too, when they come here looking for a post about a certain model or singer. My best day was August 25, when I had 7747 visitors on my blog in one single day and they were all reading my most popular post of 2010: Visit Taipei in traditional Chinese (22235 views in the whole year). The runner-up post was about Elly Tran Ha (18990 views in the whole year) and third was about Yao Yao (15862 views in the whole year). It's funny that these two posts became so popular, because they're so simple and boring. But for some reason they always show up close to the top of Google's search results, even though there are thousands of posts about these two (former) internet sensations.

5 Plans for 2011

I doubt that I can top 2010's traffic, but if I come close to it, I'll already consider it a huge success. I'm just a simple blogspot blog, who writes about so many different things, so I think my traffic is not bad. Sure, I hope I could have around 1000 daily views and double my subscribers, but that's hard to predict. I'll continue to write personal, funny, trivial and encyclopedic posts, mixed with my travelogues and foodventures. A lot will be about Taiwan, because that's where I will soon relocate, but I try to make it general and interesting also to those, who don't care about the country so much. I can't wait to go around Taipei with my girlfriend's DSLR and visit all the night markets, temples and famous spots. I do aspire to be the number 1 blog on Taipei and one of the best resources on Taiwan in general. Besides, my girlfriend and I plan to visit Japan, not sure, if we can make it, though. If we do make it, be sure I'll blog about it for a month. Regarding my layout, I'm never really satisfied. The buttons I use on my sidebars are all made with Photoshop and are in jpg. format. I'm thinking about making a CSS styled vertical navigation bar. And also I think I'm gonna make all my 3 blogs same color, so it'll really look like one.

What do you think about these ideas regarding the layout?
What was your traffic for 2010 and which posts and topics were most popular?

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